About US

Hot Line Training Centre(HLTC) has been imparting Live Line Maintenance Training on Transmission Lines, Switch Yards etc., using Hot Stick Method and Bare Hand Method since 1958.It has an established name in the Indian power sector among conuntries of SAARC and Middle East


For supply of Power without interruption to the consumer, Tranmission Lines and Switch Yards must be Maintained without taking outage.Hence the need of well trained Personnel to undertake Maintenance on Live Transmission Lines and Switch Yards, HLTC was set up under CWPC in the year 1958 - one unit each at Peenya, Bangalore and Ganguwal, Punjab.HLTC was brought under CEA in the year 1974.Inauguration of the HLTC at its Somanahalli complex was held in the year 2000.With effect from 1st April 2002, HLTC was merged with National Power Training Institute (NPTI) (An Apex body for Training) whcih is ISO 9001:2000 Organisation under Ministry of Power, Government of India.

Scope of Training

Live Line Maintenance Technique (LLMT) using Hot Stick Method (HSM) upto 132 kv was extended upto 220kV in the Year 1974. Bare Hand Method (BHM) of training on 400 kv was introduced in the Year 1997.

Training Courses

  • Live Line Maintenance Techniques (LLMT) using Hot Stick Method (HSM) upto 220kV
  • Live Line Maintenance Techniques (LLMT) using Bare Hand Method (BHM) upto 400kV
  • Switch Yard Maintenance
  • Live Line Insulator Washing(Onsite Course)
  • LIve Line Testing of Punctured Insulator Detection
  • Capsule Course For Executives on Hot Line Activities

Participants : Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians, Linemen and Helpers from various State/Central electricity utilities, Power companies, Power corporations, and Private Electrical Contractors from India and abroard